Private Property Towing in Columbus, OH

It is tricky business removing or having to tow away vehicles that are illegally parked on private property. You never know how the owner of the vehicle will react. That is why you want to call a qualified towing company that can handle these situations.

At Shamrock Towing, we have a lot of experience with private property towing so we know how to tow illegally parked cars without escalating a potentially difficult situation. We provide very competitive rates for private property towing in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas. No other towing service offers more reliable trespassing vehicle removal than our company does.

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Relocation Towing in Columbus, OH 

Relocation Towing in Columbus,OH A Highly Regarded Private Property Towing CompanyDo you have to deal with unwelcome vehicles parking on your property on a frequent basis? Maybe the neighbor has numerous guests coming and going who think it is ok to park wherever is convenient. Unless a person notifies the property owner before parking there and receives their permission, it is disrespectful for them to leave their vehicles on private property.
Our private property towing company can come take care of these inconsiderate drivers by towing their vehicles off your property. It is your right as a property owner to report these unwanted vehicles and have them removed. All if you have to do is call our company and leave the rest to us.

Trespassing Vehicle Removal for Businesses

Illegally parked vehicles on your property take up space unnecessarily, making it inconvenient for employees and paying customers to park near your establishment. You can take care of cars and trucks left behind by inconsiderate drivers with a single call to our towing company. We provide great rates on prompt towing services for commercial businesses.

Keep in mind that anything on your property is your responsibility. You do not want to be held accountable for a vehicle that is not yours and should not even be on your property to begin with. Illegally parked vehicles can be inconvenient for you and other people in a number of different ways. The following situations can qualify for relocation towing:

  1. Blocking Fire Lanes & Red Zones
  2. Double Parked Vehicles
  3. Parked in an Assigned Space

You can also sign up for our patrol service to keep your property free of illegally parked cars all year long. We will create a schedule to visit your property on a regular basis to see if there are illegally parked cars and then tow them away immediately.

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