Long Distance Towing in Columbus, OH

Turn to Shamrock Towing for long-distance towing services when you need to bring your vehicle to a place located many miles away. Our towing company is the premier provider of long-distance towing in Columbus, OH. We take pride in being a local and long-distance towing company that customers trust to transport their cars and trucks. Our fast and reliable towing is available 24/7.

We offer long distance towing for all the following vehicles:

Vans | Trucks | Sedans | SUVs | Exotic Vehicles | Motorcycles

Dependable Long-Distance Towing Company

Many of our clients tell us that when they first started looking into long-distance towing, it sounded like a tedious and expensive process. When contacted us, they found our company was different, able to meet their schedule needs while staying within their budget. Whether you need to move a single vehicle between states or you require fleet towing for multiple vehicles, we have the resources to get the job done.

Every driver we employ has experience using flatbed tow truck to transport vehicles over long distances. The tow trucks we use are outfitted with special equipment and safeguards designed to protect vehicles against potential damage while travelling on interstates. This means you can trust us to tow any kind of vehicle you own.

Convenient Long-Distance and Fleet Towing

Residential and commercial customers can both look to our company to meet all their long distance towing needs. So why should you choose us instead of the competition? For one, we emphasize the importance of customer service. When you speak with us on the phone, you can expect to be treated with courtesy and professionalism. We are always happy to answer any questions you have and lend our advice if you are not sure about the type long-distance or fleet towing service would be ideal for you.

Another reason to choose us is pricing. No other company can match our combination of reliable service and affordable rates. We maintain competitive prices without cutting corners, so all of our employees are well trained and all of our equipment is in top-notch condition. Your vehicle is in good hands when you entrust it to our towing company.

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