Frequently Asked Questions

Private Property Impounding

Why did you tow my car?

At property owner’s request for not following rules for parking.

My car was towed by police to your lot, what do I do now?

Call impounding police department to check with them on release requirements.  All agencies are different.

My car was towed from private property, what do I do now?

Call our office at 614-882-3555 for location of vehicle

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes at Frost Rd. location Hamlet St. is cash only.

Do you have an ATM on site?

Yes, at our Hamlet St. location.

What happens if I don't pick up my car?

This will result in loss of title after filings have been made by Shamrock Towing Inc.

I am out of town. How much time do I have to pick up my car?

Please contact our office for time frame.

Commercial Towing

How is Shamrock different than other fleet towing companies?

Family owned since 1952, 65 years in service. Best rates in town to the general public.

Roadside Assistance

How long does it usually take for you to arrive?

Emergency or Freeway breakdown 20-30 mins / non-emergency tow within 60mins.

I’m out of gas, can you bring me fuel? How much is it?

Yes we can deliver fuel.  It is the cost of current fuel prices plus a service call charge.

Can you give me a ride? How many people can ride with the tow truck?

Yes. Up to 3 people.

General Public Towing

Do you move sheds, toolboxes, or other large equipment?

Yes we move sheds and other large equipment.  We do not move motorcycles.

Do you tow motorcycles?


How far can you haul my vehicle or equipment?

We can haul anytime, anywhere.

Can I fill out a request online for you guys to contact me?

Call and talk to a live person so we can help assess your needs.

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